Lily Ann Fouts

Earthbag Building Resources

In this post I would like to share a list of the resources we have used for building the earthbag house. I’ll update this page as we continue the project, so check back later or sign up for my newsletter at the end of the post to be notified when I add something new! […]

Ground Insulation

Protecting the House from Cold and Moisture

One of the major things to consider when building a house is how to protect it from moisture and temperature extremes.  Here’s a video I filmed (a couple of months back now) on how Keith protected the foundation of the earthbag house from the elements using natural and reused building materials.  Enjoy!


Cistern and Utility Room

The most unusual and complex part of the earthbag house is the utility room, containing a 3,000 gallon rainwater cistern.  This room is the center of operations from which the electricity, sewer and water supply will be controlled.  It is also recessed into the ground with double-thick walls below ground level, making it an ideal storm shelter in case of a tornado.

Keith digging the utility room.

As fall season progresses and the weather cools, we’ll need to begin wrapping up the project for the winter and come back to finish it in the spring.  Our attention is now focused primarily on this utility room.

The utility room was “born” on August 13th when Keith began digging it out with the mini excavator.

Keith spent several days doing manual “touch-up” digging to level out the room and remove chunks of earth that the excavator missed.  […]