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Our Earthbag Building Digital Headquarters!

Welcome!  One of the biggest projects we (especially Keith) have ever undertaken in our lives is to build an earthbag house for Keith's mom in Eastern Kansas.  I've documented the process here, and will likely continue to add more posts and information about this unique building project.  If you want more information, just click below and I'll send you my newsletter whenever I share an update about this house:

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Earthbag House Update: Work in 2016
We're long overdue for an earthbag house update!  In today's post, I'll give an overview of what Keith has been[...]
Laser Leveling in the Earthbag House
There are a few key tools that Keith has used in the process of building the earthbag house which we[...]
Filling the Earthbags
Just to clarify, the walls of the earthbag house have been completed! However, I thought you might enjoy some video[...]
Earthbag Arches
One feature that Keith had designed into the earthbag house we are building is the arch. We have two arches[...]
Earthbag Walls – DONE!
Well, after 7 months of mixing clay slip with screenings from the nearby rock quarry and pouring the mixture into[...]
Septic Tank!
One of the big milestones of building this house is the installation of the septic tank, which happened a couple[...]
Diddling Bags for the Earthbag House
Before we fill them with the earthbag mixture, we diddle the bags so that they make a better shape for[...]
Earthbag House FAQs
Here are some questions we’ve received about our earthbag house project, and our answers to them. We’ll add more as[...]
Rainwater Cistern in Action!
I think of everything we have done so far on the earthbag house this season, seeing the rainwater cistern in[...]
Quick Earthbag House Update
It’s September 17th, 2015…I thought I’d pop in with a quick update on our earthbag house project. We’re making slow[...]
Papercrete Tow Mixer
Last year, making batches of papercrete involved filling a barrel with newspaper and water, and grinding it up by hand[...]
Repairing Damaged Earthbags
As I showed in the video last week, during our 9-month absence the partially finished earthbag house began to deteriorate[...]
Earthbag House Tour – Beginning of Year 2
We put the earthbag house project on hold for the winter and a large portion of this summer.  It's now[...]
Earthbag House Project: Where We Left Off for the Winter
Many of my friends and readers who followed our earthbag house build last summer have asked, “So, how much did[...]
Earthbag Building Resources
In this post I would like to share a list of the resources we have used for building the earthbag[...]
Papercrete? What's that? Papercrete is a mixture of paper and Portland cement.  It has a light, spongy, airy feel and[...]
Doors and Windows in an Earthbag House
We install doors and windows a bit differently in an earthbag home than in a normal house.  Watch the video[...]
Cistern Part II
A few weeks back I wrote a post about the rainwater cistern we're building.  We've made a lot of progress[...]
Ground Insulation
Protecting the House from Cold and Moisture One of the major things to consider when building a house is how to[...]
Cistern and Utility Room The most unusual and complex part of the earthbag house is the utility room, containing a[...]
Earthbag Mixture
Earthbag Mixture This being an earthbag house, one of the primary tasks involved in building it is making the mixture[...]
Gravel Walls
The Walls are Coming! I'm so excited to be past the trenching and foundation stage and working on the actual[...]
Foundation, French Drain, and the First Bags! We're making steady progress on the earthbag house!  Here's what we've been up[...]
Natural Building Extravaganza!
On Saturday morning, July 26, I sluggishly opened my eyes in a cute AirBnB bedroom in North Carolina.  It had been[...]
In the Trenches
In the Trenches Before we can raise the walls, we must dig the trenches for the power and water that[...]
Earthbag House Project – The Beginning
Earthbag House Project - The Beginning Greetings from the American Heartland--the home of my husband's family, and our home base[...]