Lily Ann Fouts

The Haiku

Fugitive childhood.
Adventurous adulthood.
Writes, blogs, and travels.


The Abstract

My husband, Keith and I live in a motorhome with our cat, Sprite, and work around the U.S., traveling the world between jobs. I’ve lived in over a dozen U.S. states, plus Mexico, Antarctica, and Ecuador. I work as a blogger, writer, and freelancer, and have written two previous books. My upcoming book,  Seven Years Running, recounts my childhood when I was kidnapped and taken to Mexico–a fortunate incident.

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The Essay

If you’re old enough, you may have seen my face before—on the side of a milk carton. My upcoming book, Seven Years Running, relates the story of how, in 1987, I was kidnapped and taken to Mexico. For a free book chapter and behind-the-scenes updates on the progress of our book, click this button and sign up:

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My childhood in Mexico laid the foundation for the adventurous life I live today, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I travel all over the world with my husband, Keith.

Lily Ann Fouts with Keith on their wedding day.

Me with Keith on our wedding day.

We have visited every continent except Asia and lived on three of them: North America, Antarctica (South Pole Station), and South America (Ecuador). We plan to visit Asia at the end of 2016.


While in the U.S., we live in a motorhome with our feline child, Sprite. We often don’t know where we will be from one month to the next.
The phrase “settle down” is not in our vocabulary, but we are building an earthbag house—for someone else. I’ve taken detailed notes, photos and videos of our project.

091715 House Update Header

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Previously, I wrote Stella the Starling, a children’s book based on a real-life bird I raised during my last year of college, and Live Like a Local in Loja, about our time in Ecuador.
I have written many posts about Ecuador on my blog, and periodically I add more posts about Ecuador or Latin America.
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Aside from personal writing projects, I also do some freelance writing, digital magazine publishing, and run a couple of other websites.
My basic life philosophy is to use my brain, follow my dreams, pursue excellence, enjoy the moment, be compassionate, learn as much as I can, live a healthy lifestyle, help people, show respect, and plan for the future but be ready to pivot in an instant for an unbeatable opportunity.
The result has been a journey from conservative Christianity to agnosticism, a growing collection of jealousy-provoking travel stories, and a fascinating array of life experiences.
Besides writing and travel, I love the great outdoors, felines, fresh coconuts, teaching, music, cats, vegetarian cuisine, thinking, birdwatching, kittens, and learning new things. Mostly, I believe in living life to the fullest and cuddling with a cat whenever possible. (I also cuddle with Keith whenever possible.)


Our kitty, Sprite.

Wow, if you’ve made it all the way to this sentence, maybe my lifestyle resonates with you!
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