Lily Ann Fouts

As a kid, I was kidnapped & taken to Mexico…

It was the best thing that ever happened to me! We spent the next 7 years evading the FBI, police, and bounty hunters. I'm writing the true story in my next book. Click the button below for more information, plus free stories and book updates!

~ Lily Ann Fouts

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Lily Ann Fouts

Welcome to!

Read my blog posts about the Earthbag House building project.

Lily Ann Fouts

Meet Lily

Hi! I'm a writer, publisher, teacher and adventurer who loves to learn new things and explore the world. is my virtual home where I share details about where I'm traveling (including places like Antarctica, Africa, and Ecuador) projects I'm working on (like an earthbag house, a business and a couple of books), and more! Learn more about me on the "About Lily" page!

"My basic philosophy has been to use my brain, follow my dreams, pursue excellence, enjoy the moment, be as good as I can be, learn as much as I can, live a healthy lifestyle, be helpful and respectful to others, and plan for the future but be ready to change it up in an instant if it’s not working or a good opportunity comes by. Mostly, I believe in living life to the fullest."

~Lily Ann Fouts

BOOKS | by Lily Ann Fouts

Live Like a Local in Loja

Stories from and tips about living or traveling long-term in Loja, Ecuador. Click on the book image for more information.

Stella the Starling

A children's book about a girl who hand-raises a baby bird, based on a true story! Click on the book image for more information.

BLOG | Recent Posts

  • Earthbag Arch Header
    Earthbag Arches

    One feature that Keith had designed into the earthbag house we are building is the arch. We have two arches in this house. The first arch is built into the ...

    November 19, 2015
  • Fire Header

    I had an exciting day yesterday. It was unseasonably warm for Veteran’s Day—71°F and partly cloudy, but terrifically windy! Day before yesterday my ...

    November 12, 2015
  • ArchHeader
    Earthbag Walls – DONE!

    Well, after 7 months of mixing clay slip with screenings from the nearby rock quarry and pouring the mixture into sandbags left over from Hurricane Sandy, ...

    November 5, 2015
  • Young guy in a blue shirt in a colonial town with historic buildings in the background
    Racial Issues in Loja

    I’ve recently heard from a couple different African American readers of my book, one of whom asked me about racial issues in Ecuador. I’d like to share ...

    October 29, 2015